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About Stenco Construction NYC Stenco Construction NYC NYC Stenco Construction

Who We Are

At Stenco Construction Inc., our team of experts is ready to help you in every phase of renovation, remodeling, and repair in Queens, Manhattan and NYC. Whether your taste reflects today's modern loft living or classic, traditional design, we have the skill set and experience to execute your dream of giving an attractive look to your home.

From full property renovation to small household maintenance, our construction managers have the knowledge and expertise to execute any renovation project masterfully. We will not only make your home attractive but also lucrative; substantially increasing the resale value. We are the best construction company in Manhattan, Queens and NY.

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Services We Provide

Exterior Services

  • Waterproofing Company in Queens
  • Roof Repairing Comapny in Manhattan
  • Bricks Pointing & Construction Company
  • Stucco Construction Company in Queens
  • Masonry Work & Construction Company
  • Concrete Work Construction Company
  • Fencing Work Construction Company

Interior Services

  • Kitchen Remodeling Construction Company in Queens
  • Kitchen Remodeling Construction Company in Nassau County
  • Bathroom Remodeling Construction Company in Queens
  • Basement Remodeling Construction Company in Queens
  • Office Remodeling Construction Company in Queens
  • Paint Work & Construction Company in Manhattan
  • Office Remodeling Construction Company in Nassau County
  • Paint Work & Construction Company in Nassau County
  • Floor Repairing & Construction Company in Manhattan
  • Ceramic / Granite/Marble Tile Construction Company in Manhattan

We are committed to offering our customers only the best in first-class renovation and quality construction services in Queens, Manhattan and NY , and we look forward to working with you. Call us today to schedule a free consultation:718 807 6414

About Stenco Construction


We will continue to build relationships through the transformation of our client's construction dreams into reality. We will work with passion to ensure that our projects are mutually successful for our clients, team members, business partners, and communities. Our mission is realized through being a market leader in communication, integrity, value, execution, innovation, and bringing forward thinking into our construction practices.


Our vision is to become leading construction company in Queens and Nassau County. We pride ourselves in excellence in our work, always maintain excellence in our relationships and expect nothing less than excellence from our employees. This has made Stenco Construction a trusted, highly-skilled and reliable partner in our communities for more than 10 years.

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